Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, September 15, 2008

cleaning day

at 10:30, jaiden and i are going to tenhoeve's to clean theo and danielle's new house - they will be arriving tomorrow evening from the netherlands - so, julie and i will put the babies in the playpen and clean up the construction dust.

julie made apple pie and i had some for breakfast - am so glad God gave me a friend who can bake...i learned something from julie yesterday - Jesus says He is the Bread of Life - He is all I need - so when I want to eat when I am bored or upset,all I have to do is pray and know that I can break the cycle of eating to fill me up - I can fill up on prayer and my kids and john and my friends! Wonder why it took me so long to figure that out?

i called kevin to order a new keypad for my laptop - jaiden has figured out how to open it up and pull off the keys - i don't know why she is so obsessed with my laptop! it is so hard to type without shift keys, a half usable space bar and no ctrl key! i told jaidenilo that she will not be getting an allowance til she's 16!
jaiden loves to look out the windows at the cows and the dogs - she cries if i try and move her - she is as much in love with the cows as her daddy is
am picking cody up after school today so he can get his hair cut for the big cattle show on saturday - they are leaving for nebraska on thursday - john's parents are coming wednesday night so daddy don can help with chores - please pray for a safe trip for don and austa as they will be driving in from texas and it is a long haul. i will post the link soon to the show ring so we can all watch cody show online! i wish i could go - but it is a guy's trip i am told!
a new dishwasher will be arriving this afternoon - we sure go through appliances around here all at once! john attempted to catch up with the dishes for me while i was at class - but he says we have to have a dishwasher since we feed so many each day

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