Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, September 27, 2008

am nervously waiting for cody to show...getting closer...he is having a great time in Nebraska! They went to see Larry the Cable Guy in concert last night. He has been texting me all morning and I am watching all of the shows online at you'll have to create an account to watch - it's easy, and then click on the Aksarben beef show. it's live camera. there is only sound when the judge is announcing

jaiden is still very ill - she has an intestinal infection. I am so worried about her staying hydrated. She did finally eat a little this morning. She is nursing, but throwing up a lot. She has had a few sips of water. Doctor said to push as many fluids through her today as I can and then tomorrow she can have pepto bismal if she still has diarrhea - we need to get the infection out first. I will be bleaching all of the hard floors, shampooing carpets, spraying lysol, etc. Chore boots will stay outside from now on - gloves will be worn in the barn and hands will be washed, washed, washed. Also, the guys will change clothes in the garage and shower immediately - we are so sad that our baby is sick!

Jaima is missing her DeeDee (Cody) - I am, too - but am proud! Will keep you updated!

oh - conner and wyatt are here for the weekend - their dad went out of town - wyatt wants to ride in the combine!

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