Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, July 7, 2008


Poor Baby Jaiden! She has teeth coming in on all sides - she's been running a low temp, runny nose - all the things that come with teething! She hasn't been too cranky though - just not sleeping very well.

It is HOT today! Very humid. But the clouds are building up so that blocks out a little of the sun. Jim, Cody and Cael are working outside. They came in for lunch and looked like they needed a dunk in a cow tank.

I didn't feel very well this weekend. I think the sunburn made me sick. I did manage to go to church with Cody but came home and took a long nap (okay, I slept for 6 hours haha). It's amazing how a house can fall apart when I am sick for one day! So today I am cleaning up the mess. How did every towel in the house end up wet?

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