Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A lot of catching up to do...

Life is so busy sometimes! We made it through driver's ed - no more getting up at 5am! I have been cleaning up the clutter in the house and donating lots to the local thrift shop. It is so much easier to clean when there is less stuff to clean. DUH! Cody has another load to put in my car so I can take it tomorrow.

Jaiden has 8 teeth now - the newest four came in all at once - many sleepless nights for mommy, daddy and baby. A few times I took her into Jaima's room to sleep in the big bed with me - Jaima loves to sleep in the living room in the summer - so I had a bed all to myself and a sleepy baby to cuddle with!

John has been working lots at the landfill - there is so much debris being hauled from here to Black Hawk County - so much for a part - time job! We appreciate the money though - and Cody has taken over a lot here at home for his Dad. He's been building fence, feeding the calves, and learning to drive a tractor. Cody and Uncle Jim picked up a couple of loads of square bales today - that's hard work!

My parents had a great trip to Alaska - of course, Daddy brought me back a ring! They will be coming up for a fish fry for the 4th - can't wait for my mama's cooking!

I had a hard time saying goodbye to our Pastor two weeks ago - in the Methodist church, pastors go where they are assigned - Pastor Tony was my mentor and friend - and also someone I could ask for ideas to teach the youth - he and Evelyn will be missed by the White family!

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