Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, July 4, 2008


John took me and the girls to see the Shell Rock fireworks- farmer style! We took gravel til we got close enough and parked in a field driveway - Jaima had never really seen or heard fireworks before - she kept asking, "Is this the grand finale?" "No, Jaima." "Is that the grand finale?" "No, Lulu." HAHA Jaiden loved looking at them - she was mesmerized! Daddy tried not to fall asleep -

What a great day - I mowed the lawn - and got a sunburn. John and Cody worked cows all day - we let the holstein calves out into the new pasture that Cody fenced in and got ready - my parents came for dinner - barbecue! and now I am waiting up for Cody to get home.

Happy Fourth Everyone! God Bless America!

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