Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, March 28, 2016

Life in words, not pictures

If I had taken my camera outside this morning I would have missed the beauty. When we are busy snapping shots we miss the moment. It felt so right to be lost in the minutes.

I was making coffee and looked out at the west pasture. There lay a newborn calf, mama licking her clean. Steam rising from her warm little body. Welcome, new life. Welcome.

Welcome to a world where the news is full of bombers. Women and children being murdered during a celebration of our Risen Savior. Welcome to a world of violence. But here, here on Thee Farm, you are safe. All is well.

I feel this way about our own babies. Here on Thee Farm, they are safe. Mama is here. Daddy to protect and teach. I trust God here.

In the "real" world?
The one full of violence and hate? I try not to live in fear. I try not to think about the dying. But aren't we all dying anyway?

So I will paint my world to you in words, not pictures. Let you imagine the steam rising from my coffee as I follow Thee Farmer outside. Walking in his frosty footsteps. As he lifts the fence line and climbs through. As excited as a child on Christmas morning. The little black spot I saw from the window? She rises up and turns around and her face is white. White and beautiful. And Thee Farmer tells her so. I giggle like a little girl. It is so amazing. I whisper, "Thank you, Jesus."

We spot another "surprise" baby and Thee Farmer says, "That's a twin. Gotta be. Looks like the one over there." And sure enough, they are identical. Two little black heifers. So innocent. He walks her to her Mama. Only Mama? She only wants the one right by her side. She shooed that little baby away. The baby that marched behind him like a puppy right up to her Mama? Rejected.

He carries her to the calf warmer in the shop. Cradles her as best as he can. It's gonna be all right little one. We will get you warmed up. Make you a bottle. Welcome to life.

My coffee has gone cold. My own babies lay safe and warm. They will rise and we will go about the rhythm of our day. And I will try to keep the peace. Teach them to love and not hate. Lead them to their Savior, not just by words and deeds and recitations, but by example.

Shelter them from the world for just a little while.

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