Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Back to adulting...When a SAHM decides to return to the working world...just for fun!

I have been a stay-at-home mama since I started this blog way back in 2007. 

Just writing that brings mixed emotions. I LOVE being a mommy. I haven't missed a single event in our kids' lives. And let's face it, I love staying home and getting dressed when and if I want to. 

I LOVED my career. I wanted to be on radio or TV since I was old enough to talk and perform. I would make commercials and record them on my Daddy's old tape recorder. I would pretend to tell the weather forecast and make up news stories, holding a hair brush for my microphone.

I wasn't looking to go back to work at all. Nothing could compare to what I love doing best. I didn't want just any job. It was going back to radio or nothing.Talking and sharing stories. Writing a blog is kind of the same, but I talk waaaaaay better than I write!

I received a phone call a few days ago from an old friend and former boss. Would I like to return to radio? Let's see:

Would I like to get up at four a.m.? Not really. NO.

Would I like to talk to the people of my community, who are like family to me, every day? Yep.

Would I enjoy having big-girl conversations and not have to watch Daniel Tiger every morning? YESSSSSS!

So I get up at 4am, drive to town, tell folks the news, laugh a lot, listen to music and drink coffee. I am home by 9:30. Easy peasy.

We shall see.

P.S. Please pray for Thee Farmer. He is getting the children up and ready for school each morning. I mean, I lay out their clothes and make their lunches...but he has the hard part, getting them out of bed!

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