Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, September 25, 2009

Terrible Twos...


I was standing right behind her, doing the dishes, I turned around and found this mess - and she got mad at ME - she cleaned up the mess and went to time out - she has spent a lot of time in the little red chair!

I think she has gotten worse since I weaned her - and I am sure we will survive this phase - although it makes it difficult to leave her with others, we always say, "Don't take your eyes off her, and be prepared to run because she's FAST!" Don't even ask what happened to both of our laptops in one day - let's just say I had to find two of our old monitors to hookup to them until the new parts arrive.

She won't drink cow's milk, so we give her cheese and yogurt and juice with added calcium. We have locks on the refrigerators now so she can't steal juice boxes when we aren't looking. She sounds like a terror - huh? I think it's because she is spoiled rotten and everyone babies her - in fact, she doesn't talk yet, because everyone talks for her - sigh...and I wanted 10 kids!

Last week, she was teething - getting her 2 year molars - had a temp of 103, a rash and was quite uncomfortable - but the funny thing is, she smiled through it all - and was always trying to make us laugh - that's what makes this all a blessing -

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