Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ok, now that I have all of the pics uploaded, I can write about what has been going on here on the farm!

It is raining again today - fall is definitely here! Now, we need it to dry out so we can get those crops in. There is a crew outside working on the shop today - insulating it and I don't know what else. They showed up at 6:45- looked the a government SWAT team arriving with all of the trucks and lights!

Last night, we went to Jaclyn's Powder Puff football game. It was supposed to be flag football, but we saw a few tackles! The WSR boys could use a few of those girls to improve their season! Homecoming game is tonight - hope it's not raining!

Cody went to the doctor this week for some bloodwork, they found out his testosterone levels were low, so we will go to a specialist in Iowa City soon to see what needs to be done. Please keep him and the doctors in your prayers. Being a teenager is hard enough, and I pray he stays focused on Senior year and the wonderful life God has planned for him.

Jaima is doing great in school - she is taking after me in Spelling, all perfect scores so far! I won the Spelling Bee back in second grade and still have my little trophy I won. I love that she is so excited about school! She enjoys math as well. Tuesdays nights she has dance class - she came home last week and told me she got to move to the back row - she's one of the "experienced dancers" now -

Hope you enjoy the pictures I've on for the Many Adventures of the Crazy, Mixed Up, but Totally Okay with it - White Family!

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