Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My inlaws are in Puerto Rico - wish I was there! It is so cold here - Kiersten spent the night last night - we ate pizza and junk food - and went to bed way too early - but we both needed our beauty sleep!

We went to church this morning - I worked in the nursery with Kiersten. There was a 4 month old baby boy - it was so awesome to hold one that little again! Tick, tick, tick - can you hear my biological clock?

Tomorrow is Cael's 7th birthday - and Jaima's follows in March. They are getting older and bossier! We are going to Cael's tonight to celebrate.

Cody will kill me for posting this - but I have to share...he put my Denali in the ditch yesterday - he was leaving Khyle's house and wasn't paying attention or got distracted and put it in the snow filled ditch...the car and Cody are fine. I keep laughing at him everytime I look at him - because he was so scared!

When I get brave enough to go out in the cold, I will take a pic of the new building - the trusses are all up and they are working on the sideboards - the roof will be next!

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