Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Date night

Finally - John and I went on a date! We were backing out of the garage to go to the Wartburg wrestling meet - BUMP! - we backed into a cow! All of the cows were out behind the garage - eating feed off the back of John's truck! They got out through the fence where the new building is going up. So, an hour later we got them all back in. Cody and khyle babysat the girls after we were all done - and John and I headed to Joe's instead. We got to see a lot of our friends - I got to catch up with some girlfriends from the hospital - and we had a great time - in spite of the stupid cows. They got out again in the middle of the night - but Cody and Khyle put them away without waking Mom and Dad up - thanks, boys!
John and I always have the best adventures - and they always revolve around cattle!

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Gerben en Julie said...

it finally happened, glad to hear you had a great time....
ps: plan the next date on the calender.....hihi