Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working with John

When John got home from work this afternoon, the girls and I went to the barn with him and helped with the new milker. We had to run the ear tags through the machine to get the computer to recognize the numbers. We put ear tags on two calves and tried the machine out - they got their milk - but we still have questions on how the whole thing works! I had to go online to convert metric for John.

Jaiden is in a lot of pain with her teeth - I have never heard her cry like she did today - she is getting molars and her eye teeth - her gums are so swollen and sore - I gave her Tylenol and she is taking a nap now.

Jaima got a letter from her new teacher today - she is so excited for school to start. Mrs. Garbes has given the children an assignment already - to draw their yards and all of the things from nature they see in it.

We are going to get Curt's RV in a little bit - since we can't go camping at the campground, we are going in our backyard!

Jaima lost a front tooth today - she looks like a little hillbilly - will post pictures soon...

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