Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too old to stay up late

I was up way too late last night! Cody and his friends had a great time - I stayed up reading in my room until I knew everyone had gone home - Cody, Khyle and Tyler slept in the RV.

Cael and Emma will be here soon - and they will camp out with Cody and Jaima tonight. I will have to clean the RV up tomorrow so we can return it.

John is cleaning up around the shop. He mentioned getting ready for harvest this morning - and I had to stop and think about how close we are to another crop season being over. God has been good to us again this year. We plant the seeds, He does the rest.

So sorry to our friends and family in Des Moines that we were not able to come down for the State Fair. Cody and John will be going to the Aksarben fair in Nebraska in September instead to show Cody's steer.

Jaiden is standing on her own - trying to take a step. Her newest thing is to cry when she doesn't get what she wants - it is funny watching her little face scrunch up and the fake tears fall - then if you give her what she wants she laughs! She definitely knows what "No!" means!
Jaima is getting tired of summer - she does so much better with a school routine - We will start her 7:30 bedtime tomorrow night - bath, brush teeth, read books and bed - hopefully I can start putting Jaiden to be earlier as well.

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Ash said...

Hey wanted to say i am so excited to be in a group with you! Can't wait to get together soon. Talk to you soon.