Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving day

Khyle is moving into the Wartburg dorms today. Yesterday, Jaiden and I went to the bookstore with him to help with his books. I have been putting together his kitchen and bath essentials this morning. He is like a son to us - so this is exciting for me - and good practice for when Cody leaves for school! I bought Jaiden a Wartburg cheerleader outfit yesterday so she can cheer when Khyle Daniel is wrestling!!!!

Cleaned house a little this morning and I am still working on the laundry - the baskets are slowly emptying - I still need to go in Cody's room and dig for clothes to wash. I am sure Khyle will have laundry as well as he starts to pack his clothes for school. Once again, I thank God and John for allowing me to stay home and take care of these wonderful kids!
We continue to adapt to having Wyatt and Conner here after school. Having four kids come in the door all at once at 4pm is a zoo! So, we are starting routines: snack time, outside time, help with supper, homework time, etc. It seems to be working well.
John is hauling corn today - bins need to be emptied before harvest and there are always bills to pay!
Hayfever has invaded the White House - Cody, Jaima and I are really suffering this year. We should buy stock in the allergy pill company. I had to turn the AC back on after having it off for a week - the pollen is just too much for us - it sure was nice having the windows open though - especially at night when temps were in the 50s.
If anyone wants a kitten, let me know. She is declawed in front - she is just too naughty to be in the house with the other kitties. I am sure she would do great in a home without cats or dogs - or even on a farm! (Come get her, Julie - haha!)

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