Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, May 26, 2008

Safe and Blessed Again

Thanks be to God for protecting us from the storms! Thank you to friends and family who prayed for our safety and the phone calls of encouragement from my mom and Austa Mom! We had rain but no wind here on the farm. I kept saying to John, "It is too still. Where is the wind?" I thought for sure a tornado was coming here as still as it was. The town of Parkersburg is destroyed. This is a link Julie found that has photos.

I called Julie when the storms started and told them to come here if it got bad. So we spent the evening at the kitchen table and playing with Ian and Jaiden. Kiersten was here as well. I grilled hamburgers and made potato casserole and asparagus. John and Gerben talked cows. Julie and I teased each other about European and American ways like we always do! (I think I am becoming more European than she is American! HAHA). We watched the rain and stayed safe in our big brick house.

Please pray for the people of New Hartford and Parkersburg. I am awaiting news of the safety of my friend Adam and his family. They have a newborn baby.

Memorial Day has dawned a beautiful sunny day. Thank you to those who have served our country. Thank you God for the memories of loved ones who have gone home to be with you.

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