Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I apologize for not keeping up! Every time I think I will have time to write something always comes up!

Fieldwork is slowly getting done. Jim has been doing a lot of it himself since John has been putting in a lot of hours at the landfill. Daddy Don returned home to Arkansas last Saturday. We had so much rain that it kept putting us behind! Today is a beautiful, clear day - this is the first "real" spring we have had in a while - seems like we'd been going from winter straight to heat and humidity. It is 70 degrees today - absolutely perfect!

Cody will be performing in the school talent show tomorrow night - I can't wait! Jaima is anxiously waiting for the end of the school year - she just wants to be home with her mama mia. Jaiden is teething - top teeth are just now poking through - and two more are trying to come in on the bottom - she has been cranky and restless - so not much sleep for either of us! She is almost crawling - says "baba" for milk, she surprised us by saying "Dada" on Mother's Day. In the middle of the night if I don't get her she will start saying Dada! It is funny (if getting up at 2am can be called funny!).

I haven't planted anything outside yet - maybe this weekend - I have a lot of wildflower seeds to make a butterfly garden. The peonies are starting to grow - so it's time to get the rest planted. I might do a few tomato plants - I know Jaima would enjoy taking care of those. I am just so excited about being home with the kids this summer - wish gas prices weren't so bad - we will have to plan our going to town days carefully - going to the pool and the library on the same day I guess!

I will try and post pictures soon -

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