Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, May 23, 2008

Jaima is in the playpen with Jaiden. Jaima wants Jaiden's crib in her room - I told her Mommy is not ready for that yet. The other night all three of us girls slept in Jaima's room. That was fun! And Daddy enjoyed having our bed to himself!

It rained a little this morning. Fieldwork continues on. We will be finished with beans soon. Khyle and Cody are out pulling up flags on the ground we just had tiled. I am getting excited for the new buildings to go up - and for the chance to get outside and work!

I had a busy week - seems like I had to go to town everyday this week but today. Cody started drivers ed. Jaima and Cael both played sick today (I swear they planned it ahead of time!) so I had both of them here at the house for awhile today. Neither one of them seemed sick to me! I think they are just tired of school and ready for the year to be over.

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