Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, May 30, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Come Again some other day!

My favorite childhood rhyme holds so true here on the farm. It rained (poured) all night long. I prayed and asked God to protect our corn. We plant the seeds, God does the rest!
Jaiden's personality is emerging. I laugh when I take something away and she has a temper tantrum. She kicks her feet and growls at me! She also loves to make funny faces like the one in the photo above. My friend Trish calls it the "White girls cheerleader smile" - one of these days we will have to go see Donna Busch and get a cheerleader photo taken of the three of us!
Jaima is ready for school to end - everyday we remind her there's so many days left and that she can do it! She is tired and ready for a break. She is a lot like her daddy - she just wants to be on the farm.
Cody is trying to catch bugs for his Biology project. Only problem is, it's too cold and wet for bugs to be out! So far he has a fly and a ladybug that I found on the windowsill - and a June bug that he and I caught Tuesday night. It was on the wall in the entryway - he stood behind me and pushed me forward. I had a can of bug spray and a fly swatter - here I am in my nightgown trying to catch an ugly bug! It was one of our more hilarious adventures together! We got him captured in a tupperware container. Cody says he wasn't scared - I say he screamed like a little girl!
John is still making plans for the expansion. Building is scheduled for July. We are working on cleaning up the "junk" out back. We traded in the old skid loader and got a new one that has two buckets. Now we will have separate buckets for feeding and for cleaning out pens.
Well, Jaiden is hungry so I will end for now!

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Gerben en Julie said...

two buckets!!!Yeah!a great way to work clean! hihi
are you doing alright? over here everything ok...!!not much news und the sun!