Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Power Rangers

I love the days when our two-year-old plays contentedly by himself. He talks to his school bus toy and makes up his own little world. Then I hear him say, "Why you so naughty? Go sit down!" and it hits me that he hears everything I say - even when I think NOTHING is sinking in!

I am supposed to be getting ready to go get groceries. But I honestly have no desire to leave the comfort of home this morning. Most of my chores are done and today would be a perfect day to have a Harry Potter movie marathon. Alas, Thee Farmer needs to eat and since we are going to begin Harvest I guess I better go stock up on Gatorade and Little Debbies!

"Go!Go!Go! Super power!" I guess I am off to play Power Rangers. Funny how I did the exact same thing 20 years ago with our oldest. I am an expert on the art of Morphin Time!

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