Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A full days work and it's only 8am

Thee Farm Life is a wonderful life. (Bells ringing. Angel gets his wings.) Since we are cattle farmers first and crop farmers second we get a little more flexibility in our schedules. Thee Farmer's Brother does most of the field work and we take pride that there never was a straighter row of corn. Honestly. I don't know how he does it.

Most days we get up at 6. I do a cattle call to wake the kids up. "Time to get uuuuuuUUUUPPP!!!"
We all head to the Keurig for some gogo juice. Stumble around all wobbly until we fully come to realize that it is another day. The first words spoken are almost always, "What's the weather gonna be like today?" Followed by, "How should I know, ask your Father." Then there are morning snuggles and lunches to pack. Someone is always missing a shoe. Or didn't get annnnnyy breakfast! I whisper prayers for peace and calming. That the Lord will help them make good choices today. And please Jesus, help my girls to not be like me with sharp tongues and poison words to each other. It's 7:10 and I call out, "Head 'em up! Move 'em out!" Rawhide style.
Thee Farmer and I went out to round up a few head of cattle to take to the meat locker. It was nice and easy. Not saying I didn't bite my tongue a lot, but we got it done. I told AJ the Bull that I would see him in the green pastures in Heaven and waved goodbye. Thee Farmer said, "Those are going to be some huge steaks!" And I walk back to the house praising God for providing for us. And that there will also be enough to share.
Wherever you are today, take a moment to find some peace. If your morning did not go well maybe you need a plan. Try setting a few things out the night before. Check your calendar before you go to bed. Check the weather forecast :). And if you are lacking real peace in your life, the kind that only comes from Thee Savior...check out and while you're there read about some amazing women who also live Thee Real Life!

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Theo en Daniƫlle said...

Love it! Just the way life is like, no pretending, no sugar coating....go "Thee Farmer's Wife"!!!