Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sick day...again

Zoie Lee is here this week. Which makes me ecstatic. Because she is so stinking cute. And she talks ghetto like me and it makes Uncle Farmer all flustered. "We don't say ain't." And I reply, "Where we come from we do." And Zoie and I giggle. 

Jaiden has been running a fever. 103 last night. Poor thing. She is so quiet. Which may be a blessing :) that girl can certainly talk your ear off. She wants chicken noodle soup. With the long noodles. In a coffee cup. 

We received an inch or so of snow. The world is frosty and white. Unmarked. Until the dogs run all over and ruin it.  

And now AJ is up and running. 


Gerben en Julie said...

did you move your furniture again? hope Jaiden feels better soon! miss you.

Sweet Caroline said...

Of course I moved my furniture again! It's a once a month thing for me haha