Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, December 30, 2013


if this is your first time visiting Down on the Farm! Consider yourself one of the lucky ones if you received a Christmas card from us..because I stopped at "M" (I think) and will try and finish in the next few days...otherwise, Happy New Year!

We have been battling influenza in the month of December. I have gone through gallons of bleach and cans of Lysol like no other. It was 40 degrees this past week and I opened windows. Washed all of the bedding. And wouldn't you know it, I finally caught it after everyone was on the mend. 

It is now 7 below zero and snowing. The snow is pretty if you don't have to go anywhere. Which I don't. Because The Farmer went to town yesterday and got us milk and Mt. Dew and Pepsi. That's stocking up :) I am making bread today. The only thing we are lacking is cheese. I always freak out when there's no cheese. Not even a slice of American to be found. No cheese topped casseroles. No tacos. No grilled cheese. It's almost an emergency. Only not. Because I always overreact. 

I always try and explain that I live like the pioneer women of old. With electricity. And internet. Ok, and a bread machine and washer and dryer and hair dryer and refrigerator and lights. Ok, I live in the spirit of the pioneer women of old. I am the direct descendant of Marjorie Murphy. She left the East Coast on her own and settled in South Dakota on a claim. By herself. A woman. Pioneer women did not go to town everyday. Or have play dates. Some home schooled. That means children in the house. All. The. Time. They raised the food for their family. Canned and preserved and baked and cured. They were mother, doctor, teacher, referee. And they didn't have a big ole house like I am blessed with. My point is, I don't need to go to town everyday. I like to write real letters to friends. Some days, I get to bed at 11 and realize there were 100 other things I could still be doing. And then it's back up at 6 and start all over again. It honestly doesn't bother me that I don't have Girls Night Out. Or go to the mall. I am just as content with a long phone call to a real live friend. I hate Facebook. Really. I do. It's an excuse to not connect. To stalk. To say "praying" on someone's status without following through. 

A pioneer woman has her man around her. All. The. Time. Do you know all that that entails? That takes true love and dedication. And a whole scoop of humor. Because if you stop laughing you will start nagging. And that never gets me anywhere. The Farmer will pretend he can't hear me in a heartbeat if the nagging starts. So, here's the secret, I cook him up some good food. Fried in a skillet. Meat. Potatoes. Something good for his soul. And then I strike! Works every.single.time.

In conclusion...HAHAHAHAHA...what I really want to say is that it's okay to embrace womanhood. Being a mom. A wife. A teacher. A friend. Your way. Life is not an ongoing Facebook post. It is not pinnable on Pinterest. Life is you. Living. Loving yourself. It's messy. There's poop. Puke. Boogers. Fighting. But there are also sweet kisses goodnight. Sticky cheeks. Piles of dirt to play in. The first smile of the morning.

That's how I choose to live. How about you?

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Roger Wilcox said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all. Miss seeing you around. We are all busy, but I love reading about you.