Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Indoor Pool!

I caught Chloe eating my cucumbers!

Indoor swimming hole!
John went and bought a plastic cattle tank for us to swim in today! We put it in the garage so it would be out of the hot sun (and so no one can see me in it haha) and filled it with water from the basement faucet so it would be warm. It is filled to the third line now, and Jaiden and I were in it most of the afternoon.

Jaima is at cousin Kennedi's for the weekend. Ken had a softball tournament and tonight they are going to a baseball game complete with fireworks. She is going to be one tired girl when she gets home tomorrow!

Sent John on a sweetcorn quest today and he says there is none to be found! Disappointing! I wanted to have grilled burgers and corn for dinner.

Jaiden is begging me to get back in the pool but I am a little tired lol "Maybe tomorrow?" "Maybe tomorrow, Jaiden!"

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