Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Life

No, this isn't Mama! Billy was a little confused on who to get his breakfast from. That's a steer, Billy!

For a few weeks all we've heard from JaidenIlo is, "Daddy, you bring me new baby cow?" "Not today, honey."

Well, sometime last night Ilo got her wish. Meet Billy. He didn't know how to drink, so John and I got Mama SallieMae situated and gave Billy a lesson on milking! I can't wait to tell Danielle that I milked a cow! He finally got the hang of it. And I feel blessed to have had a beautiful morning in the barn with my man.

Even though he shot me in the eye with milk. And sat in the manure. And I have to wash his clothes. I love that man!

1 comment:

Theo en Daniƫlle said...

Hihi,now I understand which cow you milked!
Don't spoil Billy too much ;-)
You are a real farmerswife!