Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And we're off...

Running the rat race of another day. I am just taking a minute to catch my breath. It's 8:30 and I feel like I've already done 8 hours! A semi just pulled in to load feeder steers. John's already taken a load of corn to the ethanol plant. We've got meetings. I have a test tonight for my class. Laundry. Laundry. Laundry.

So, I'm having a cup of coffee and catching my breath...instead of gasping for air. Sometimes you've just got to step back and access the situation. It's a bright, sunny day - thank you, Lord! Everyone is healthy again - thank you, Lord!

Jaiden is up, so we will build castles and read books and practice writing her name. The FUN stuff. Thank you, Lord, for letting me stay home and be a mommy most of all!

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