Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thrifting...I'm not the only one!

One of my favorite blogs is written by The Nester. She's just a middle-class at-home mommy (which btw, we are numbered more than you realize!) and her post today is on her Goodwill finds. It amazes me how many people never think to stop at their local thrift store before they go to Walmart to buy something! I've found: electric pencil sharpeners, dog dishes, pet cages, Christmas decs, chairs, tables, toys, jewelry, CLOTHES!, dishes, antiques, school and crafting supplies...anything you need for the home - for it's recycling! When one of the girls decides she likes Polly Pockets, I go thrifting. The next month it might be Littlest Pet Shop - and when they are done with that phase, we donate them back!I call it "blessing another family."

We are preparing for a snowstorm that's supposed to hit tomorrow. Cody and John are bedding cattle and getting feed lined up. It's not too bad out right now, but I am really missing the sunshine. We are all stocked up on groceries and I am kinda looking forward to a weekend of family time and not going anywhere. If the weatherman is wrong, John and I will be going to the phone board Christmas party tomorrow night.

I am still waiting the results from my final exam. 233 questions on the Old Testament. I was totally not prepared for it - I thought I had studied all I needed to know - and I was wrong! It was the hardest test I have ever taken - even Physics was easier! I am sure I will pass the semester - well, maybe, I will have to wait and see. I really want this ministry degree - so, I will take the semester over if I - gulp - failed.

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