Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Harvest has begun - a little bit here and there - hauling manure and hay bales and lots more to keep the guys busy. Today it is misting so Dan has been helping me burn trash and work on the garage.

So, I started this about an hour ago and just got back to it - Jaiden is not feeling well - still has ear infection and has been on antibiotics- we are trying to treat each symptom individually right now instead of giving her more antibiotics - I am under the weather still as well - just can't seem to shake it - maybe I should take the doctor's advice and rest!

JaidenIlo turns TWO in Saturday! Where has time gone? Seems like only yesterday we brought her home - she sure has been a blessing to us! Made us slooooow down and appreciate life more!

I still haven't gotten my laptop fixed so I can't post pics yet - but I will soon - I took some good ones of Emma and Jaiden yesterday in the leaves.

I need to take some pics of Chloe, too - she is growing! And chewing on everything - she and the cat I got from Gerben and Julie sleep, eat and play in the kennel together - it is so funny

All for now, I feel like a good nap!

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