Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jaiden Ilo!!!!!

We got up early and Daddy wanted her to open her presents!

A high chair for her babies and...

a new tractor!

We kind of had a lazy day - went shopping with Kiersten and then took Jaiden to Olive Garden for her birthday lunch! We had a great time...tomorrow is her family and friends party. Jaima and I still need to bake the cake.

I had to buy a new desktop computer because my laptop was not worth fixing - but I got a great deal and am excited to get it set up and learn all of the tricks. I still have to recover all of the data from the laptop - well, my computer guy does! - but he won't be able to get to it til next week. Hopefully, he can save my pictures and files.

We weren't able to get in the fields today, the ground is still too wet. So, we cleaned the garage and the mud room in the basement. Mama Carolyn has a new rule - all those wearing boots or chore clothes have to go downstairs first before they come in my house! I am sure there will be consequences for breaking the law, I just can't think of them yet!

School is going great! Right now, I am writing a paper on the book of Phillipians. I asked Mom and Dad for some Bible study tools for my birthday. I have read those 4 chapters at least 8 times in the last week - and I still don't have all of the answers - lol

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