Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh! I love these girls!
She loves to put her feet on the table - we don't use this booster seat anymore.

Today - 13 months and one week old! She is a wild child! RUNS all over the place - hides, talks all of the time - the blankie is one Grammy Austa made last week - it is kitties! Jaiden calls it her "kitty blankie".

I haven't taken many photos lately - which is unusual!

I am still not feeling 100% myself - my voice is not totally back either - I can't sing or yell...whispering is getting old!
Grandma has moved to the other White House for a week of spoiling Cael and Emma.
Harvest was FINALLY completed last night around 10:30 - it has been a long fall - not without trials - but a blessing nonetheless.
I watched The Passion of the Christ today for the first time - what can I say but, "Thank you, Lord!" Knowing that I am that loved, no matter what I have done - takes my breath away!

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