Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Grammy Austa!

Happy Birthday, Grammy! Happy Valentines Day! Happy Blizzard Day? We woke up to a blizzard warning this morning. Church was cancelled and none of us has gotten dressed today! There is a lot of blowing snow, sometimes I can't see the barn from the house. John is doing chores for Dan because the guys are snowed in down in Des Moines.

We have had a great weekend! Cael and Emma stayed Thursday night and Friday day. Then Jim brought Joe's Friday night for dinner. We all listened to state wrestling on the radio. W-SR won the state championship and set a record for the most points earned in the history of the state tournament! Congratulations to Khyle and Reed!

We will be watching the Daytona 500 soon. GO Jeff Gordon! I am the only Gordon fan and my father-in-law and I love to tease each other about this.

Jaima is learning to clean her room - we have tried a new approach She watched a video and actually went to her room and cleaned the whole thing herself! I love the internet!!!

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