Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

snow day!

at this rate the kids will be making up snowdays til the middle of June! the roads looked fine out here this morning but I guess they were worse in town.

Jaiden doesn't want to take a nap today - maybe she will sleep all night?

Happy Birthday to Kiki D - she is 18 today! She, Lauren and Katie stopped over this morning -

Jaiden loves bananas - she loves it when i add them to her cereal - so far she has had applesauce, pears and bananas. next month we'll try squash. i ordered her a high chair, it should be here this week. she is starting to sit up by herself. she's already outgrown the little feeding chair i have for her - she loves to suck her thumb and when she starts sucking it too hard i put a paci in her mouth! i think she may be teething - lots of drool and a little fussy! she is growing too fast!

john is trying to get corn hauled - had a few problems with the grain leg this morning but he got it fixed - and is on the road right now.

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