Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One More Day...?

Jaima is finally feeling a little better - she seems to get really tired around 4pm - I'm sure she has mono - and after I spoke with the nurse, got some tips on how to keep her hydrated and give her enough energy to get through the day. I am hoping we can go to school after lunch tomorrow so she can turn in her homework and take her spelling test. Dance class pictures are Saturday and I would really like her to be able to go and at least be in the group picture!

We have had FOUR heifer calves born in the last 12 hours! "Cupcake" is Jaiden's and "Rosalina" is Jaima's so far. They love naming them. Cody has "Persephone" picked out and will go out and claim her after breakfast. Billy, the firstborn, is doing great. The weather has been good and dry and they are all up in the hoop building safe and sound. Only 25 more to go! This will be a busy 5-10 days. I can't wait for my Katie and Lily to have their calves. Last year John, Cody and I delivered Katie's baby - it was amazing! Katie is 10, she was Cody's first show heifer. She is one bossy cow! Lily is my shorthorn. When she was a calf she always got out and came up the house and looked in the windows. She has not had a calf survive past a few weeks and I am praying that this is the year I get my shorthorn baby...if I was on my other PC I would post a pic, but this seat is too comfy this morning...

Jaiden is still snoozing. That girl like her sleep...too bad she doesn't know how to go to bed and stay there at night! Her cousin, Emma was the same way. You never know what you will find in Jai's room in the morning. One night, she got up and ate a carton of sour cream. John and I stood there and laughed and then wondered if she would be sick all day - not our Ilo - she's a human garbage disposal. We lock the fridge now, but I see last night she climbed up on the counter and got a few of my Weight Watchers cookies. When she was two she once sat at the foot of our bed and took a bite out of every piece of fruit in a Christmas fruit basket! John and I are sound sleepers, maybe I should install security cameras? lol

Time to start my day, did I mention that I FINALLY got all of the laundry done? I will not tell you how many loads but I will say that I used a whole bottle of Tide and I promise I will never get that far behind again.

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