Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Knocked Down Again

Jaima has got a bug of some kind. She slept for 16 hours yesterday! Sure was quiet around here lol and she has a cough. A few kids in her class have it too. Just one more icky to rear it's head before the warmer weather comes.

Cody's band is shooting a video today at the skate park in Wave town. They are in the JEL Battle of the Bands again this year. I want to go but I'm the mother. Yep, I'm cool most of the time, but not for the rockin' stuff. I will post the video as soon as it's available. You can find the on Facebook as Graduating Summer.

I feel like I'm in slow motion this morning. Trying to plan my day. John has started working at the landfill again, now that they decided to replace the "hauler" truck. Cody's doing chores. He and John have been working so well together. It's strange to see their relationship taken to the next level. And, it's hard to admit that my son turned 19 on Saturday!

Ok, it's an hour later now and I've treated myself to an instant Starbucks coffee! That Via is AMAZING! But, I only buy it once in a great while because it's three packets for like @ bucks. BU, that's what I'd spend on a coffee at the shoppe. 

So, I'm ready for my day now. Weight Watchers weigh in tonight. My scale says 8lbs so we will see. I like the dedication it requires and I am enjoying learning to eat more fruits and veggies.

Jaiden wants a corn dog for breakfast. I feel like the race is ready to be run...go go go

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