Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where has July gone? Here it is almost fair time.

Jaiden had speech therapy today. She didn't really want to talk to Jackie or Carrie. But she did tell them a few of her new words: pink, blue, cut, yellow. Pink is her favorite color. If you give here scissors she will cut every piece of paper she can get her grubby little hands on!

We went to the Shell Rock parade on the 3rd and watched fireworks that night on the gravel north of SR. We sat on the top of my Denali and ate licorice and had a great time. But the stars on the way home were even more beautiful to me!

Jaiden and I have both had strep throat. I also had a tooth pulled and it promptly got a dry socket and then infection set in. So, I am on another week of antibiotics.

We haven't seen real sunshine in days! Another hot, sticky and cloudy day today -I think we will watch movies and color - read books and not do too much.

I am going to be having carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand in the next few months. I also have a rotator cuff injury on my right shoulder, so will be doing physical therapy and light duty for awhile. The rough and tumble life of a farmer's wife!

We have been to the pool for the first time - the girls and I had so much fun - we stayed for two hours - and had to leave when my shoulders started burning in spite of the SPF 50! We now have golden tans and have plans to go back as soon as the sun shines again!

John and Cody and Dan have been hauling manure, making hay and work work working! We have all of the buildings full so we are RICH in manure. Flies, too - which I really could do without. I hung a sandwich bag with pennies and a little water in it (I am sure you all have seen that email floating around!) and it seems to work - EXCEPT when the kids or the dogs leave the front door wide open! OR when Cody parked the manure and fly covered skid loader in the garage!

Rainy days wouldn't be complete here on the farm without the basement flooding - this time the water was over our ankles and covered every room but the room I keep my Christmas decs in! The deepest it's ever been - turns out the electrical cord shorted out on the pump. John replaced it and the water drained in a few hours. Then they cleaned up the mess for the 100th time. Cody will be moving to his apartment as soon as fair is over and then I won't have to worry about his things getting ruined. If I could, I would fill that basement up with concrete!!!!! One blessing - the water is always clean!

All for now, the couch is calling my name!


Gerben en Julie said...

how does that work? the bag with pennies and water? please tell me....

John Deere Mom said...

Eek. Get better! Strep throat is the worst.
Our fair is this week. The little man won a goldfish last night. Grrr. :)
My biggest complaint about living on a farm...FLIES! Ugh, I hate them but with cattle there's just no getting rid of them. I tried the bag trick a few years ago, but wasn't sure I could tell a difference. If you find any other secrets, I'd love to know them!