Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Hot and Stinky

More rain last night. more humidity, more wet manure - and to top it all off, John is cleaning pens in the big buildings today. I am NOT going outside.

Tomorrow is the Sparrow Family reunion in Zearing. I love to go - lots of sweetcorn, fresh peaches that Mama Austa brings, salads, PIE! I hope it is not so hot that we cannot enjoy ourselves.

Jethro is adapting. His newest thing is taking one of Chloe's toys and running through the house with it with her barking and chasing him. He is like a million times bigger than her. I think he is in love.

Daddy Don showed up here this morning with a bag of peaches! I ate one before I could even say "Thanks!" I am going to make a cobbler to go with dinner tonight. It's a recipe that Tricia Yearwood had in Good Housekeeping magazine. Uses TONS of butter. I think we will have grilled burgers and sweet corn, too! And a gallon of sweet tea.

Jaiden is starting to TALK! All of a sudden yesterday she was repeating words I was saying. She is even using some 2-3 word sentences. She still uses some signs - for swing, bath, juice, milk - I love it when she signs "swing" that is her all-time fav thing to do. We have a tree swing out front and she climbs up herself and swings side-to-side. We are trying to teach her to pump her legs - but she gets mad because it isn't as fast as her way! Some days you open the front door and she runs outside naked as a jaybird and jumps on that swing!

I have surgery scheduled for this coming Wednesday for my right hand. I have carpal tunnel that I have left untreated for over 10 years (DUMMY CAROLYN!) So, there is a lot of nerve damage and pain. I pray that the surgery will be successful - and I can regain the use of my hand! I am on antibiotics for a staph infection right now - and that needs to clear up before I can have surgery - right on my chinny chin chin. How lovely! That hurts a lot less today so I am praying the meds are working. Mom and Dad White are here to help. I gotta remember to ask her to make me Ribbon Jello! you know, the one that takes all day to make with layers of Jell-O in a 9 x 13 pan? My favorite! And I am going to have her make Chinese chicken salad, too - yummy!

One thing God has taught me through all of this is that I need to let others help me and take care of me. I have always been the one to "do" and have always hated to "receive". Now, I have to have help and I pray that God will give me a quiet, gentle and accepting spirit.

My Dad hasn't been doing too well in his recovery from shoulder surgery. He has had blood clots in his lungs, and has taken a fall down the stairs. So, I ask that you would lift him up in prayer, too - he's a "do-er" just like me! In fact, everyone has always said that we are too much alike. Stubborn and bull-headed.

Well, another load of laundry is calling my name - only I am imagining it is Neil Diamond "Sweet Care-o-line da da da Good times never felt so good!" Thank you to the hubby for having two sets of washers and dryers for me- I love that man!

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