Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, December 31, 2009


My tummy is full of Dutch dumplings! Danielle and Julie both brought me some. They are called oliebollen - and have raisins in them - you warm them up and put powdered sugar on them - and they are sooooo good! They are a New Year's treat in the Netherlands.

I have a challenge for you as you start a new year -don't make any resoultions, you know you won't keep them anyways! I am going to pick one word and have that be my focus for the year. One word that I will think of often and strive to be - and that is BEAUTIFUL! I want to be beautiful in my language, in my reading, in my thoughts. I want my home to be beautiful and my kids to be beautiful. I want a beautiful marriage. BEAUTIFUL. What word speaks to you? Is it: healthy? inspired? happy? diligent? believer? You choose and let it become part of your life.

I plan on making a sign with my word on it to remind me that I have chosen BEAUTY!

May God bless you in this new year we are about to begin. And if you want to know how I can be happy all of the time, in spite of circumstances, how I always find joy and peace - I will tell you, it's all because of Him. The One who is my strength. You can find Him in this new year at Why not start out the new year with hope?

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