Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Surrounded by snow - howling wind - we can't see past the driveway - but we are safe and warm - trusting God -

Never got the hot chocolate made last night - haha

Everyone is still sleeping and I am enjoying the peace- the day will start soon enough - and then my quiet time will end. Thank you Lord for the noise because it means my children are blessing me!

Jaiden has recovered from her surgery for ear tubes, but is still not progressing with her speech. I think it is because we have to start from the beginning and I am not sure how to. She will need some help from a speech therapist who will visit the house and work with both of us. We are supposed to see Doctor tomorrow but will have to see what the weather does!

I have the blinds closed to keep the heat in and also because I don't want to see all of that snow! I am going to sit here and dream of being someplace warm- on a beach with a good book - don't wake me up!

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Theo en Daniƫlle said...

So you have a nice warm beach and a book ?
Can I join you ?!