Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Well,it's been a busy week! Ooooh,I got a new baler!

Monday, we cleaned Cody's room. I went to town a lot for some reason - almost every day.Turned the back office, which we never use,into the girl's playroom. Cleaned out the foyer closet and turned into into a cool place to welcome people to our home. I should get up and take pics, but I am comfortable in my chair right now! Soon, I promise. Cody got his senior pictures taken - we were both a little sad and excited all at the same time! The girls and Cael were also in a few. Of course, we chased a few cows this week. Cody and I did chores together while John golfed on Friday.

Yesterday, I bought the kids a pool and we were outside all day! We went to a few garage sales, too - Cody was excited because he got a Nerf dart gun - it shoots like a machine gun - see, he isn't all grown up yet!

Mom and Dad came up for Father's Day.Mom also brought me here wicker furniture, so I am excited to incorporate it into the living area.
We are under a tornado watch right now - so far, just a lot of rain. It seems to be passing over quickly. The corn and beans are doing really well. We pray for protection for what we have planted.

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