Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pitch forks and hay bales

New furniture!

Daddy giving his princess her roses after the recital! Yes, he's holding my purse for me - what a man!

Daddy and his girls!

What a blessing today was! Hard work and family time - I could not ask for more.

We had a picnic lunch with John in the front yard.
The kids and I brought rocks up to line our butterfly garden (it is not picture worthy yet!) We also went down to the creek and picked a spot for one of Cody's senior pics. Donna will be here next week to take those. Yikes! Then, Cody and I put fresh bedding the the pens and then cleaned out the bunk where Gerben's heifers are. I earned my keep today - haha

Took Khyle shopping for his birthday present tonight - I got him a bedding set for his new bed. He was so funny about what things cost. I wanted to buy him Egyptian cotton sheets - he picked out he cheap ones! Someday he will know the joy of climbing into bed on 400 count sheets hahaha - now that's a great way to end the day - trust me!

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