Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dancing Diva

Tonight was rehearsal for the recital - Jaima, Kiki and I had a great time! I took pictures and video tonite so I can just sit back and relax tomorrow night and watch my little star shine!

Jenni brought over chocolate crock pot cake this aftenoon,she just showed up at my door with the cake and some coolwhip. I didn't need to ask why. I stole a bite before we even got to the kitchen - amazing! I will post the recipe - right now I am too lazy to get up from the chair!

I have been reading a lot of cool shabby chic blogs lately - getting great decorating ideas - I love finding vintage stuff and using it in my home- will have to start sharing pics of the gradual makeover I am planning.

Don and Austa are here - I think I mentioned that. I got the basement guest rooms complete so they are nice and cozy in their new digs. They went to visit their farm group this evening.

John called me today and asked me to go to lunch - I should have known better - after lunch (his brother and dad ended up going, too - hardly a date!) he took me to the John Deere store to see my new baler - YEE HA! It's a good thing I love green. Oh, and he bought me a hay wagon, too - can you believe it? (Yes, Khyle, there goes my new furniture AGAIN!)

After lunch, I had John drop me off for some much needed girl time at Julie's. We just sat there and talked and talked because we hadn't spent much time together lately - life sometimes gets so busy - and I hope it never goes that long again without a visit! After that, John and I came home and cleaned the garage - we filled a trailer with stuff to take to the landfill! It looks so nice. Tomorrow I will create a space for the guys to hang up chores clothes and coats - a spot for boots, etc so they don't come in my house anymore. The front hallway was starting to look like a barn!

Tomorrow again promises to be a full and busy day - preparing for my Bible study group...well, cleaning house first!...recital, Cael and Emma sleepover.

Leave me a comment or just say hello - let me know I am not talking to myself - haha

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