Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Looked in the mirror lately?

Yesterday, I urged you to #fightforyourman.

Today, I'm asking you to take a long hard look at your inner self.

Satan wants you to live a defeated life. But I'm telling you that you have been wallowing in the muck long enough, my dear.

There are a few things that I want us to look at together today. A checklist of sorts.

  • Do you still dream about what-might-have-been with a boyfriend from the past?
  • Are you friends with any men on Facebook or other social media that you have had a physical relationship with in the past?
  • Have you ever dreamed up full details on how you would divorce your husband and make your own life?
  • Do you have a guy friend that you turn to before you talk to your husband? If so, does your husband know about it?
  • Do you lock your phone/iPad/computer and freak out if your husband asks to use it?
  • Do you have a relationship with a man from work or church that you know if anyone else knew about you would be ashamed?
Know that I am praying for you to get real with yourself. To take back your joy. To honor your vows. 

Do you confess to your husband? That's totally up to you. But first, get right with God. Clean up your friends lists. Unlock your phone. Clear out any contacts. Change your number if you have to. It's time to stop looking to another man to fulfill what your husband has been called to do.

If you say, "My man doesn't have what I need. He doesn't care about me or what I want anymore." THAT'S A BOLD-FACED LIE OF THE DEVIL. God doesn't want that for you or your marriage. Adultery is not part of His plan for your life. Channing Tatum is never going to come and sweep you off of your feet, girl!

And if none of these apply to you, I praise God! 

Taking a look back at yesterday's post, if any of the above applies to your husband, it is time to have a sit down and discuss what the boundaries in your marriage should be. 

Don't threaten divorce. Don't yell. Be the woman God is calling you to be and tell him honestly how you feel. What you are afraid of. What you know about what's been going on and question what you don't know. 

But first, PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. Get down on your knees and put it all before Thee Lord.

I'm praying right along side you. 

As always, you can email me or message me on Facebook. I will help any way I can. 

All my love,
Thee Farm Wife

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