Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Finding your happy place

I had a plan for the month of write a series of posts on...heck, I can't even remember.

The kids are running a muck. I have a stack of books to read and get reviewed. (Oh yeah! I was supposed to do book reviews and giveaways this month. Now I remember!)

The thing is, I am having problems staying focused.

I'm like a little kid that walks in the front door of Toys R Us and just starts running up and down the aisles and screaming "Lookie!" and then turns the other way and squeals, "I want that!" and in the mean time Mommy is saying, "We came to get a toy for Jordan's birthday party honey. We made a deal remember?"

I cleaned the kitchen Tuesday. Like, took everything off of the counters and cleaned it. I should have taken a picture for proof. Now I feel delusional because it looks nothing like the Pinterest-worthy job I did two.stinking.days ago.

Focus. Right.

Focus on our two giggly boys jumping on their bed and talking in their own made-up language. Focus on my Bible sitting open beside me. Focus on tucking our daughters into bed and praying for sweet dreams and future husbands and algebra tests tomorrow.

Breathe. Draw back in. Count the blessings.

This. This right here, is my happy place. Dirty dishes and all.

Tomorrow, a book review and a Friday giveaway.

I better stop now or I might forget to

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