Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Monday, October 14, 2013

The truth about being a farmer's wife

True story.

Sometimes you plant a garden and he accidentally kills it
with 2-4D because he "didn't think it would drift."

And then you see him like this and it doesn't matter at all that
you can't get a new (insert whatever here) because he has to get a new skid loader.

That's the truth about being a farm wife. There are days when you have to go it alone. There are times when you just find time to take a hot bubble bath and the phone rings. "It's time to switch fields and we need a ride." There are times when cattle die and crops fail and tornadoes rip out the grain leg (see my very first post). Every day is in God's hands when you farm. Rain. Not enough. Too much. Grain prices. Media scares about mad cow disease. Beef is good for you. Beef will kill you. No Farm Bill. Waiting to hear the tractor pull into the yard after a long night of harvest.
And it's all worth it, this life we choose to live. We fight for it. Some even die for it. And we farm wives, we stand behind our farmers. We pray for their safety. We pray they get enough rest. We pray that they will make sound financial decisions. We pray.
And sometimes, we really do scream, "Help me, Jesus!" and we make it through another day, because the Farmer says, "We'll get through it."