Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Perfect Day!

I don't even know if this pic will be visible! John and I dressed up to take the kids trick-or-treating tonight. I am a Jersey girl with big hair and tons o'makeup and John is "Pimp Daddy Big J" - I am wearing a wig and a crown. It was a blast. Jenni my sis-in-law said I looked like I did when I first started dating John - and I had to laugh because I thought that same thing when I was putting on my face! The girls wore sequin dance outfits - Khyle wore a Star Wars storm trooper helmet, Cody wore an Iron Man helmet, Jaclyn was a cupcake and Hannah (Khyle's GF) went as a college student. I love that John dressed up with me - bc I love my bday being on Halloween - next year for my forever 39 party I am definitely having a costume party! I DID miss throwing my own party this year but still had an awesome day!

We all went to church at Open Bible, then to lunch at Pizza Ranch. Then I came home and got back in my jammies. Khyle came over and brought Hooters hot sauce so I had to fry up a few chickens. They butchered yesterday. It was YUMMY! Then trick-or-treating - I watched three episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, and now I am watching JUST ONE Halloween episode of Roseanne. Just one, because I could stay up all night watching them!

Tomorrow, Jaiden goes to the dentist to get her teeth fixed. We had gone to a specialist and he had wanted to do surgery on her mouth - almost $7,000! So, I got a second opinion and our dentist office said they would be able to do it without anesthesia - they will do a few tomorrow and see how she handles it. For under $700!

So, I better get to bed soon - as soon as Roseanne is over - gotta love Nick@nite!

My Daddy called me tonight and told me he could remember the day I was born - me all pink and naked - and he said to himself "She's mine" - that made me so happy - on my desk is a picture of my daddy and me when I first came home and he is laying next to me and smiling -  it is so great to be a Daddy's girl!

Perfect end to a perfect day - I don't feel 38 - more like 18 - and I hope I always feel this way!

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