Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ahhhhh Saturday! Scattered Thoughts

Farmer Boy and I are watching the Iowa game. Jaiden is napping on the floor where she fell, exhausted. Jaima is in my purse closet looking for just the right bag and wallet - she becomes more like me everyday - Cody is at a concert in Iowa City - and the air smells like rain - lovely - I walked outside this morning and breathed in th fresh smell of rain - we haven't had a drop in over 30 days - and to have no more dust and hardly any flies - I love fall ya'all!

Made chicken noo-nuls for lunch - and am thinking of going to the fridge and sampling some leftovers...too lazy to get up - Big J and I haven't sat in the living room together in forever - I am pretty sure my chair was missing me - I swear she sighed when I sat down - or was that a groan?

I stayed up til past 1am watching Keeping Up Appearances on Netflix - man, I love Netflix! - I don't remember falling asleep - and I slept so well, til 8 - can you believe it? Then Jaima and I went to the Beauty Shope for some Steel Magnolias time and then to Togs - the thrift store! Fall decor was half off so I bought me some - and they had Christmas decs out so I bought me some, too. I love gingerbread men! Also scored an awesome denim jacket.

Jaiden just woke up - so I better get some cuddle time!

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