Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Migrating Monarchs

We saw hundreds of monarchs roosting in our locusts trees tonight. It was so beautiful - and awesome to be a part of their journey south to Mexico!

The girls have been running me ragged - with preschool, school, dance, Sunday School, my class, Wednesday night youth group and my house and farm duties I have to be on my toes - and keep a good calendar! We have gotten rid of most of the "stuff" that was taking up space in the house. Too many clothes, toys, gadgets, books, junk, dishes and pans, not to mention furniture - it all got donated to the local thrift store. Less laundry, less mess, less washing up. We also have a pretty strict after school schedule - and the nights I am not here John has a checklist - lol - I have no idea what we are going to do when harvest starts. Cody has class Monday nights. But I will handle that when it comes!

Cody moved out a few weeks ago to an apartment in Waverly. I am still grieving - I had no idea I would feel so empty and wounded with him gone. My Mom says it gets easier and I am trusting that. It's not like he's hundreds of miles away - but the fact that I am no longer his main focus depresses me. Oh, I know I should say that I am proud of a job well done - especially when there were those that said Cody and I would never make it - and I should be proud that he is in college. But it still hurts, and I would love to have him come back home! One positive - it sure is easier to divide my time between two instead of three.

I love fall - and really feel alive this time of the year - will try and post pics soon - but for now I have to go chase Jaiden Ilo who is running through the house naked - she DID have jammies on and was in bed!

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John Deere Mom said...

There have been so many butterflies around lately. So beautiful! You sound crazy busy like me! :) But this is definitely my favorite time of the year...I can smell fall this weekend!