Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Time!

Blessings to you for putting up with my ineptitude with blogging! I have so many stories to tell - and I could easily blog from my Blackberry - but time just slips away from me!

Taught Sunday school today - 1-5th grade boys and girls - we talked about "God our Rock" and painted rocks that I found here on the farm - some had fossils because I picked up limestone from around the outside of the barn - they loved it! Jaima and I went out to lunch for Chinese at Hyvee after church - and we invited some single elderly folks to sit with us - one woman reminded me so much of Grandma Wagner that I could have talked to her all day!

So, now we are home in our jammies and I am listening to podcasts and blogging and thinking about taking a happy nappy.

Jim got the combine out yesterday and started on the corn to the west of the house - it was AWESOME to see Daddy Don pulling in the drive with the first load of golden corn - we are so blessed to live this life - in good times and in bad - rain put an end to the harvest process - so Cody took me out on a date - we went to HuHot - you fill up a bowl with meat, noodles, veggies and sauce and they grill it Mongolian style right in from of you - yummy! We also went and bought new earrings for each of us - yep, picking our jewelry with my son was fun :) only he calls his gauges or something - if he knew I called them earrings he would roll his eyes! I even listened to his music all the way home - and enjoyed it!

I have been helping out with Junior High youth group on Wednesday nights - a big change from the high school group I'm used to - but I love it - even though Pastor Kent introduces me as "Crazy Carolyn"! I would say exuberant not crazy!

I picked the last of the cherry tomatoes yesterday - I had planted them inside clear back in January - and they just now produced! It was a hard year for gardening - too much rain and then too much heat - my pumpkins and peppers never produced - come to think of it neither did my beets or carrots - and I only got one zuchinni - and I would have had cukes but Jethro, the big dumb dog, dug them up. (He also ate a carseat last night, but we won't go there!)

John had a close call at the landfill this week. He parked his dump truck to empty it and a semi loader parked next to him - Thank You God for John getting out of that truck! - because the semi fell on the cab of the dumptruck - right where John would have been sitting! One blessing out of this? He has a few weeks off because the County is not sure if they will replace it - so he will have plenty of time for the Harvest!

Sleep beckons me - sweet afternoon dreams...

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John Deere Mom said...

We are finished harvesting! Yay! I might actually see my husband and get my son to bed at a decent hour!