Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Complicated...

trying to explain what it's like to be a farmer's wife. You certainly can't predict when someone will be in to eat a meal. You can cook for 10 and only two will come in the house. You can cook for just you and then 8 guys will want to eat and there will be only peanut butter and no bread. HA

When I was 13 I read a book called Alabama Moon, it was one of those Silhouette teenage romance stories. This city girl, Stacy, has to move to the country and live on a dairy farm with her aunt and uncle. She meets Lane, the good looking farmboy and they fall in love. I decided right then and there that I would one day marry a farmer. 16 years later I did, and the "fairy tale" began! I am surprised John didn't break up with me when I asked him, "What is the difference between a steer and a bull?" I didn't know an input from a commodity - or a chisel plow from a cultivator. I still can't (make that won't) drive a tractor - but I can sort cattle better than any man! And I can pick a good looking breeding heifer out.

I can get up in the middle of the night and chase cows and still get up the next morning and get my kids up for school. I can cook more than Hamburger Helper. I can go to the front door and greet anyone that shows up and not be ashamed of the mess - because it's just life! I've learned that no one keeps a spotless house and no one cares if my cookies are from the store. (I am learning how to bake!)

I can look out at the fields and appreciate the hard work that my husband puts into the land. I can watch the sun rise and the sun set and know that God is good and that this is all in His hands. Thank you, God, for my farmer.


ShannonK said...

Thank you. Farm life is good, and this is why we love it and our farmers! :-)

Theo en Daniƫlle said...

It's not complicated ,
it's as simple as can be ;-)
Country life is hard work but there is no better life (except for life after this ;-)...!

John and Carolyn White said...

You are so right, Danielle, this is life the way God intended it. Work hard, love and trust! I am glad we are sharing thsi life, and can't wait for the next...we are going to be giggling and dancing in Heaven!

Heather and Her Guys said...

So love reading your BLOG! Reminds me of how it was when my dad was little. Al calls me his farm girl and I say with a laugh to my "townie" husband that he shouldn't say that around my family because I don't know a thing about farming ;) So, wondering if you could teach me something about cooking, and I'll give you some recipes for baking... We need to get together sometime after Thanksgiving. We'd love to have your family over for supper. And you are welcome to come for a play date any day. Hope to see you Sunday.