Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Harvest is over!

And the rains have begun. It is pouring out tonight. The kids are officially on Thanksgiving break. Five whole days to fill. Tomorrow, Cody will bring corn stalk bales home. Jaima and I will decorate for our Thanksgiving feast and bake pies. My turkey has been in the fridge for two days and is not thawing at all - might have to give it a water bath Wednesday night. I am so excited for Thursday! This year we are celebrating with our closest friends. We will have almost 20 people here. I lovelovelove to cook!

Jaiden had her pre-surgery physical today. All is well. She does have a heart murmur, but Dr. Roger says since she is so active he is not concerned and as she grows it will go away. We are still going to go to CR to have and orthopedist look at her bent pinkies. I will reschedule the appt. for December. Jaiden's pinky fingers are bent and as her hands grow they bend more. Our doctor recommended the CR doctor. I am curious to see what they might be able to do for her. Surgery for ear tubes Will be Friday.

John is out celebrating the end of harvest tonight by playing pool with some old friends. He will have to take me on a real date one of these nights - haha.

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