Thee Farm Wife

Thee Farm Wife

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Planting corn has been halted - we would have been done tonight...the rain is washing away all of the dust though - i can feel the grit on my desk - it was windy and HOT yesterday - 87 degrees - perfect day!

Last night we went to the Talent Show at the High School. Cody and his friends performed - I will try to upload video today - am not sure if my other camera can link to my pc. We had a great time - John, me, Jai and JaiIlo, Kiki D, Jenni, Cael, Emma, Jaclyn and her mom, Kathy. We were in town when the hail hit here on the farm - Khyle told us about it. We got to see an awesome lightning display on the way home though.

Jaima has dance pictures this morning - KikiD spent the night and they will be getting up soon to do hair and makeup -

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